Workshop 1

Escola Municipal Joaquim Carlos Alexandrino de Souza

Workshop 2

Escola Municipal João Otávio de Melo Ferraciú

Workshop 3

Escola Municipal Prof.ª Vilma Leone Dal Pogetto

The goal is to offer an audiovisual workshop that engage the study and creation of audiovisual projects, promoting creativity, cultural achievement, entrepreneurship, proactivity, teamwork, and the development of interpersonal relationships. 

The topics in the classroom workshop will be:

  • Introduction to Storytelling;
  • Narrative Structures Studies;
  • Cinematography and Lighting Direction;
  • Technical Team Analysis;
  • Development of a “Short Film” Project
  • Equipment;
  • Filming and Editing Audiovisual Content
  • Audiovisual Market / Marketing
  • Project Exhibition and Presentation. The whole process is collaborative and accompanied by group supervisors

The course will be given in 3 face-to-face classes of 6 hours with a maximum limit of 30 students per class. The classes will be divided into theoretical and practical proposals with regular activities for the students, always with the proposal of film production and commented public exhibition of the projects by the filmmakers. There will be 18 hours of regular activities of the project in each of the 3 teaching units.